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Types of Adoption

Types of Adoption

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Overview of Different Types of Adoption

Bouneff, Chally & Koh assists in all kinds of adoptions, as long as the adoptive parents are committed to providing a loving home and good life for the adoptee and are deemed able to do so through a home study.

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Independent Adoptions versus Agency Adoptions

Bouneff, Chally & Koh provides a full range of services for people conducting independent adoptions. In addition, we represent adoptive parents working with agencies by finalizing their adoptions or helping when legal issues arise. We also represent and assist adoption agencies.

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Interstate and International Adoptions

Adopting Across State Lines

When adoptive parents and birth parents live in different states, non-relative adoptive parents must adhere to strict legislation governing the transportation of children for adoption across state lines. The Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children (ICPC) has been enacted in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, and requires approval from both the sending and the receiving states. We assist clients with all stages of interstate adoptions.

Adopting Internationally

Many U.S. adoption agencies have established programs with countries around the world to place children of varying ages with families in the United States. Adopting a child from countries such as China and Vietnam can be an appealing option for adoptive parents because of the high numbers of children awaiting homes in such countries.

However, international adoptions can be more restrictive and complicated than domestic ones, especially in countries that are party to the Hague Convention. There are stricter eligibility requirements for parents adopting internationally, and extensive documentation and procedural requirements at the agency, U.S. government, and foreign government levels. Additionally, children adopted from foreign countries may have unknown backgrounds, including medical histories and drug and alcohol exposure that could result in health risks or developmental delays not apparent at the time of adoption.

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